You can do your bit to help young people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or experiencing crisis by donating to AYSA.

All money donated goes directly towards helping young people.

  • $20

    Bathroom Self-Care Package

    Provide a young person with those essential hygiene care products including toilet paper, female hygiene products, shampoo and conditioner, soap, and towel. Feeling clean supports not only health, but also self-esteem and social-emotional wellbeing.

  • $30

    Art Supplies for Open Access

    Open Access Youth Arts Studio provides a free and safe environment with qualified Youth Workers for young people to practice and build their artistic interests through music, multimedia, urban art, painting and more. Your donation will help fund paints, as well as other art supplies and music equipment for the program.

  • $50

    Crisis Relief

    For many young people in vulnerable situations, they can become homeless without warning. Provide a young person with funds to afford food and safe accommodation in these crisis situations.

  • $100

    Health Care

    Young people living in vulnerable situations are at a greater risk of health concerns. Many don’t seek support due to the high costs associated with expenses such as specialist appointments, prescription glasses and medication. Support a young person to receive access to appropriate medical care.

  • $130

    Bedding & Blankets

    Support a young person sleeping rough in the Great Southern with a backpack bed and other bedding.

  • $150


    Living in a regional and remote location provides extra costs and challenges for young people to access health services and family support. Help fund a young person’s car registration, insurance, and servicing, petrol money or bus tickets.

  • $200

    Education Support

    Help subsidise a young person’s TAFE fees or education materials to upskill them for their future.

  • $250

    Home Supplies & Bonds

    Finding a rental is a challenge for young people, and bonds and home supplies are an expensive endeavour. Support a young person with establishing a home they can be proud the call their own.

  • $300

    Youth Worker Support & Mentoring

    AYSA’s qualified Youth Workers are trained in offering one-on-one individualised mentoring and case management support. Donate to help fund our outreach support services for young people at risk of homelessness in the Great Southern.